The Beautiful Two by Claudio Ahlers No.85

Two much larger than life, black velveteen sculptures: one of a vagina and the other of a phallus. A photographer – or two, depending on the location. A venue, a space, a place, a stage . Women and Men.

THE BEAUTIFUL TWO is a playful, photographic exploration of desire and sex, of love and lust, of attraction and intimacy and of the wide range of emotions we feel as men and as women about these most intimate parts of our own bodies and about those of our lovers.

It is about what we find interesting, funny, frustrating, irresistible, arousing, irritating, adorable, disappointing, exhilarating, worrying, comforting, mysterious or even spectacular. Ultimately THE BEAUTIFUL TWO  is simply about the vagina and the phallus and about what is beautiful about them. After all it is they that make our love life tick.

THE BEAUTIFUL TWO is also an attempt to show the great variety of individual responses to these fundamentals of our sexual identities, and to counter negative and exploitative stereotypes that are very much alive in our own culture and beyond.

Created by photographer Claudio Ahlers, THE BEAUTIFUL TWO is looking to work with individuals and institutions who are interested in bringing its events to cities across the United Kingdom and beyond.

Realised as one-day events or as residencies over a number of days, THE BEAUTIFUL TWO purposefully places the two sculptures in a chosen venue, invites visitors to interact and be photographed with them and then displays the printed photographs on site. Images from each event finally become part of a larger body of work which is shown here on this website. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss bringing THE BEAUTIFUL TWO to you.


Visitors to THE BEAUTIFUL TWO website can also share their thoughts, feelings and ideas on what they find here via the site’s Blog if they wish.

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