5. Oktober 2015

The Guardian has published an image from the residency at The Edwardian Cloakrooms on their GuardianWitness pad as part of their current arts & design strand B is for Body

17. March 2015

The BBC has published an article today on their England Hompage about THE BEAUTIFUL TWO featuring images from the residency at THE EDWARDIAN CLOAKROOM.

Please go HERE to read it.

11. March 2015

THE BEAUTIFUL TWO is now on Twitter


Please do tweet your thoughts, comments or ideas!

 5. March 2015

Hello and a very warm welcome… – today is the launch day for the THE BEAUTIFUL TWO website.

I’m delighted that collections of photographs from both the residency at THE EDWARDIAN CLOAKROOM  in October last year, and from the one-day event in June 2014 at THE TRINITY CENTRE  in Bristol, UK are now online . In future you will be able to find all the news relating to the project and all updates about new plans and forthcoming events here.

I hope you will enjoy the images you find, and may feel inspired to write a GUEST BLOG for THE BEAUTIFUL TWO. I and all of those who will come to peruse these pages in the future are looking forward to reading about your thoughts. Many thanks to the almighty Isadora Vibes for being the first!

And,  many, many – many thanks as well to all of my gifted collaborators who helped realise this project:

To the fabulous Carrie Love for sharing my vision and for building two truly great sculptures – the look and the touch matter so much and they are both ludicrously tempting…

To Ellie Gray for assisting me at the TRINITY event and for being there to take photos for a day at THE EDWARDIAN CLOAKROOM. Simply having her there already made it happen – thank you for making it all seem so effortless!

To Santiago Martinez who turned the lights on. Thank you very much for illuminating these ideas at TRINITY in June!

To Tilly May who also came to photograph in the Ladies Room at THE EDWARDIAN CLOAKROOM – thanks for being a kindred spirit and all the support!

To Nicola Macolino and Carmen Gabriele for looking after the Ladies Room more than once and to Nicola for taking yet more photographs. So generous with their time, smiles and enthusiasm!

To Jordan Kelly from The Bristol Creative Spaces initiative for making the residency at THE EDWARDIAN CLOAKROOM such a breeze!

A great, big, huge, epic, global thanks and a similarly proportioned group hug to all of my friends and those closest to me who encouraged, supported and helped  in countless ways along the way:

To Irina, Paul, Isadora, Carmen, Victoria, Chris, Edson, Marianna, Lydia, Izabela and Tom.

It wouldn’t have happened…

And lastly – thank you to all the wonderful people who came, let me take their picture and who are now here at THE BEAUTIFUL TWO and make the two beautiful…

I am absolutely delighted with the all of the photographs we have produced.

Thank you!

So, from here – onwards and upwards…